Project Checklist

  1. Read and understand the Terms and Conditions, Process Guidelines, and Design Requirements (for commercial, industrial or institutional participants).
  2. Submit:
    1. Your most recent water bill.
    2. Your professional-level landscape design plans (using the Design Requirements as your guide) if you’re a commercial, industrial, or institutional participant.
    3. Your online rebate reservation application.  *Note:  You will have 90 calendar days to complete the application process and meet all submittal requirements; otherwise, your reservation will be canceled.
  3. Schedule a pre-conversion site inspection.
  4. Receive approval of your application and required submittals from Water Authority.
  5. Start your project.
  6. Kill your lawn.  Make sure it is dead, dead, dead.
  7. Remove and dispose of dead grass material and all other removed landscape materials.
  8. Upgrade your irrigation system as needed.  Install drip, bubblers, or MP rotators.
  9. Install any approved hardscape, such as permeable walkways or sitting areas.
  10. Install your new plants.
  11. Add a 3-inch layer of mulch to your new landscape.
  12. Complete your project within 120 calendar days after receiving approval of your rebate reservation application and:
    1. Upload photographs of your completed project with online rebate request application.
    2. Submit your online rebate request application.
    3. Mail ORIGINAL paid project-related receipts and invoices to:

      Turf Replacement Program
      2005 De La Cruz Blvd., #240
      Santa Clara, CA 95050

  13. Note:  Your completed project may be subject to a post-conversion site inspection and you may be contacted within 15 calendars days to schedule the on-site inspection.
  14. Receive your rebate!
  15. Monitor and maintain your new landscape.