Program Steps

  1. Review Program Guidelines
  2. Reserve Your Rebate
  3. Install Your WaterSmart Landscape
  4. Receive Your Incentive Payment!
  5. Maintain Your New WaterSmart Landscape

Additional funding: Visit SoCal Water$mart to find out if you qualify for additional funding.

Applying for your WaterSmart Turf Replacement incentive payment is easy - just follow these steps.

IMPORTANT: Rebate Reservation must be approved PRIOR to starting project.

*Artificial or synthetic turf (or other turf-looking grasses) and invasive species-type plants are NOT eligible.

The San Diego County Water Authority pays an incentive of $1.50 per square foot when a grass lawn is replaced with a beautiful water-efficient landscape suited to our region’s semi-arid climate.  Restrictions apply, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions , and the Design Requirements  (see links below) for more information.  Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • WaterSmart Turf Replacement program only applies to front yards (and side yards if visible from the street);
  • The maximum incentive payment is:
    • Up to $3,000 for replacing 2,000 square feet of turf for residential sites, or
    • Up to $9,000 for replacing 6,000 square feet of turf for commercial, institutional, or industrial sites;
  • If you remove your grass lawn before you receive approval, you will not qualify for the rebate.

To get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Examples of Turf Areas that DO and DO NOT qualify for the Turf Replacement Program.

To help stay organized using our Project Checklist, click here.


Review Program Guidelines

Commercial, institutional, or industrial Participants must develop professionally-drawn landscape design plans that meet certain standards: click here for the Design Requirements.


Reserve Your Rebate

  • Participant must submit a copy of the most recent water bill that pertains to the Project site.
  • For commercial, institutional, or industrial sites, Participant must submit professional-level landscape design plans that meet certain standards: Click here for the Design Requirements.
  • You will be asked to upload submittals (i.e., copy of your most recent water bill, landscape design plan for commercial, institutional, or industrial Participants)
  • You may be asked to mail submittals (i.e., copy of your most recent water bill, landscape design plan for commercial, institutional, or industrial Participants)
  • Submit online reservation rebate form.

Before you complete the rebate reservation application for this program, you must read, understand, and accept the WaterSmart Turf Replacement program’s Terms and Conditions , the Process Guidelines , and the Design Requirements .

Click here to reserve your rebate.

We will notify you when we have received the required submittals and will contact you to schedule a pre-conversion site inspection if your project meets the eligibility requirements.

After submitting a rebate reservation, Participant will have 90 calendar days to complete the application process and meet all submittal requirements; otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.


Install Your WaterSmart Landscape

Soon after we complete the pre-conversion site inspection, we will notify you if you are approved to begin your turf replacement project.  You will have 120 calendar days after we send this notice of approval to complete your project installation and for us to receive notice from you that the installation is complete.


Receive Your Incentive Payment!

Upon completion of your WaterSmart landscape project, submit an online rebate request application and upload photographs of your completed project. Please mail ORIGINAL paid project-related receipts and invoices to:

Turf Replacement Program
2005 De La Cruz Blvd., #240
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Your completed project may be subject to a post-conversion site inspection and you may be contacted within 15 calendars days to schedule the on-site inspection.

Once we have documented to our satisfaction that you have met the requirements of the WaterSmart Turf Replacement program and that the new landscape meets the criteria we approved, we will provide the incentive payment to the Program Participant in the form of a check. Payments will typically be made within approximately 80 calendar days of our being notified that the WaterSmart landscape installation is complete.


Maintain Your New WaterSmart Landscape

The WaterSmart landscape must be maintained according to the requirements stated in the program Terms and Conditions.